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Cell division defects unique to breast cancer cells

Confocal micrograph of a mouse mammary organoid derived from luminal stem cells, and labelled for E-cadherin (grey), F-actin (magenta) and counterstained with DAPI (cyan)

Dr. Salah Elias is Associate Professor of Developmental Biology. His laboratory uses a cutting-edge combination of techniques such as stem cell derived organoids; in vivo mouse models; genetic lineage tracing; advanced whole organ imaging; omics; and computational modelling, to discover the mechanisms of polarised cell divisions in the normal mammary epithelium to understand cell division defects that are unique to breast cancer cells. His laboratory also collaborates with breast cancer scientists and clinicians to test and validate their findings using multiplex imaging of human breast cancer tissues in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven strategies, to understand how dysregulation in centrosome dynamics, cell division and polarity contributes to breast tumour heterogeneity.