Southampton Cellular Research And Tissue Engineering Systems


Showcase work

Showcase work


Patricia Goggin is a clinical scientist and electron microscopist, leading the team of imaging scientists in the Biomedical Imaging Unit (BIU). They provide diagnostic and research services using high quality 2D, 3D, and 4D light, electron and X-ray based microscopy.

Her work involves the application of TEM, SEM, and EDX to an eclectic variety of sample types and training users. She is particularly involved in volume electron microscopy, diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia and research into 3D culture models.

David Chatelet, a technical staff member in the BIU, is responsible for the processing and analysis of image datasets:

  • 2D – whole slide scanning, TEM, SEM
  • 3D – confocal microscopy, microCT, SBF-SEM, tomography
  • 4D

He helps extracting data out of images and teaching people how to do it themselves.

James Thompson is an expert in electron microscopy, with a split focus on diagnostic analysis and research outputs, within the BIU. He specialises in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, renal and neuro diseases.

He also leads the use of the Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscopy systems (SBF-SEM), with 3D elemental mapping (EDS), alongside using standard Transmission and Scanning Election Microscopes (TEM/SEM).

His main interest is in imaging biological tissues, supporting users and working with industry partners.