Southampton Cellular Research And Tissue Engineering Systems

About us

A scientific aim of the BRC Respiratory Theme is the ā€œAdvanced cell cultureā€ programme, which aims to bring together the diverse workflows using novel cell culture methodologies to accelerate progress.

Who we are

Professor Paul Elkington is a clinician scientist with a subspecialty interest in tuberculosis. Paul leads the tuberculosis research group, studying an infection that continues to kill four thousand people every day. The group conducts cross-disciplinary research using bioengineering approaches to identify new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to address a global epidemic that is second only to COVID-19, and has killed more humans than any other infection.

Dr Mirella Spalluto is a scientist interested in how the airway epithelium modulates innate responses and the role of viral pathogens in airways disease, such as COPD and asthma. Her current focus is to use the airway model to investigate antiviral compounds and to understand the role of senescence in the development of COPD.

Dr Liku Tezera is a senior research fellow (Anniversary Fellow) in the tuberculosis (TB) research group at the University of Southampton. His primary study focuses on host-pathogen interactions in tuberculosis.

This year under the BRC respiratory theme in the ā€œAdvanced cell cultureā€ programme, Paul and Mirella have set up SoCRATES – putting together Southampton expertise and beyond where they use cellular and tissue models (ALI, organoids, multicellular 3D, etc.) to investigate pathogens, pollution, disease pathways and for drug testing.

Our mission

To create a cross-disciplinary advanced cell culture working group to facilitate the development of 3D models of disease.

Our vision

Utilise ex-vivo models to accelerate identification of new therapeutic approaches, to understand host-pathogen interaction and drug discovery.

Our strengths

Collaborative approach, embracing expertise across the field in the University of Southampton, other academic centres and industrial partners.